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Work of BFSA

We believe that the existence of a Forestry Students Society will be to the benefit of students, graduates and staff of the University of Wales, Bangor.

More specifically, we believe that such a society will;

 – Share the experience and ideas of students and staff within SAFS UWB and so build a sense of community within the school,

 – Enrich the formal education of forestry students, especially in terms of a wider, more global perspective through extracurricular activities and the exchange of information and experiences such as the International Forestry Students Symposium, seminars, exchange programs, and the quarterly publication, IFSA news,

 – Contribute to a more complete professional preparation for its members,

 – Promote cooperation and networking amongst forestry students and the professional forestry sector as well as with other sectors such law, medicine and agriculture,

 – Encourage improvements in higher education internationally to the benefit of all students.

 – Provide a forum open to all UWB students to learn about forestry and take part in in related society activities

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