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May 1, 2008 / bfsa

New Committee

We had a good turn out for the AGM last night, and a new committee has been voted in:-

President - Anthony 'Badger' Piggott
Treasurer - Scott Jackson
Secretary - Charlie Ellis
Publicity Officer - Andrew Wieland
Events Secretary - James Caldwell
Social Secretary - Dave Passey

Congratulations to the winning candidates, and we hope you have a very successful 2008/2009

There will be a hand-over committee meeting next Wednesday at 7:00pm in The Harp, but the outgoing comittee will continue to be responsible for Woodchoppers and Laura is going to carry on dealing with clothing orders for the time being.

Also voted for were some new honorary members:-

Roger Cooper
Anthony 'Badger' Piggott
Tom Heenan
Sam Cook
Debs Wieland
Pete Wieland

For those who are not clear what standing the honorary members have basically it is purly a 'honorary' title to recognise their contribution to the society, with no powers of voting and no right to 'member only' events. If they want to fully take part in Bifsa, they have to pay the full membership fee just like everyone else. This is a '2 way' arrangement as as well, and any future committee should feel free to contact honorary members for advice about any society matters. Also, in about 5 years time, Bifsa will have a ready supply of guest lecturers as we become experienced in our chosen careers.

Thanks again for a good turnout, and thank you to all members for helping to make this another successful year for Bifsa.
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