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May 10, 2007 / bfsa

– New Committee Elected, BIFSA Name change and Society Clothing


New Committee

Last night we had a successful AGM where we elected a brand new committee.

And the lucky people in charge of BIFSA for 07-08 are:

President : Andy Pickup
Treasurer : Laura Crook
Secretary : Anthony ‘Badger’ Pigott
Social Sec : Tom Heenan
Publicity Officer : Pete Wieland
Volunteer Co-ordinator : George Keays

The final position on the committee, Independent Officer, is always elected at the first General Meeting of the new academic year in Oct.

Congratulations to everyone on the new committee.

We’re now going to spend the next week or so training them up ready and they’ll assume power next Tuesday, 15th May.

BIFSA Name Change

At the meeting, it was also decided to officially change the name from ‘Bangor International Forestry Students Association’ to a more straightforward ‘BIFSA – Bangor Forestry Society’.  To make it clear, BIFSA is no longer an acronym but a new word used to describe Bangor Forestry Society.

Society Clothing

We’re taking orders for t-shirts and polo shirts again.  If you want one, get in touch by NEXT Tuesday (15th May). We must have your money before we can order them (Students Union rules – sorry!).  If you can’t find us, we’ll be in the Waterloo, as usual, next Tuesday 8pm.

Polo Shirts: £15 for the green ‘Trees give us wood’, £14 for the brown ‘whats your DBH’
T-shirts : £12 for green ‘Trees give us wood’, £14 for brown ‘whats your DBH’

The green t-shirts will be personalised with a word of your choice (for example, your name).  The brown ones are not personalised (hence the reduced price).

Hope you’ve all had a great year with BIFSA.

From the old committee, we wish the new committee all the luck in the world and hope they have a good a year as we’ve had this year.

Barry, Laura, Ed, Andy, Rob and Stephen
The BIFSA Committee, 06-07

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